GP Capital, Inc.

GP CAPITAL, INC. is an advisory and investment company. We are focused on finding the best solutions for companies which are in an unfavourable economic situation. Our specialists are ready to visit you anytime and anywhere and after a detailed analysis of your problem to suggest the best solution. We will offer a broad consultancy and/or immediate buy up of the indebted company. We then revitalize, rebuild or liquidate at our own expense.

Our investing intention is centralized not only to questionable companies but we are concentrated also to the purchase of healthy companies with growing potential, loss making companies, companies in liquidation or companies in selection procedure.

If you are thinking about to selling your company, please choose the category that suits your needs the most and ask for appropriate analysis. You can choose Analysis on-line directly and after you have filled in the questionnaire we are prepared to offer you a solution or evaluate of your company.

We are prepared to solve these problems immediately:

  • Problems with management and running of the loss-making and inefficient company,
  • Problems with inefficient and loss-making subsidiaries of your company all around the world,
  • Problems with creditors,
  • Problems with liquidation and factoring of the company.

GP CAPITAL Ltd`s priority is to give a fast, professional and discreet service to all participating parties of any given business case. If requested by the client we can analyse and transfer the company within one day.